18 800 m² Where People Work And Bring Their Ideas To Life

RPI Group is truly made out of people.
We work daily with them and for them.
The amplitude of markets that RPI Group works with allows for the constant growth of a multidisciplinary, dynamic and very versatile team.



In addition to our various production areas and strong commercial teams, other creative and administrative areas complement RPI Group to obtain the best products and services.


Financial | Accounting | Administrative management

These are departments responsible for the entire financial management of the Group. Numbers are calculated and worked on by qualified professionals, with top experience and know-how.

IT and Technical Assistance

All departments of the Group have technical and IT support at their disposal, so that technology is always an ally in development of all works.

Legal | Human Resources | Quality

Management of people, processes and procedures. A daily task so that all our employees feel safe, motivated and valued. Also making sure it is possible to establish the best relationships of trust with partners, suppliers and customers.

Purchases | Warehouse | Maintenance

All material and resource management. The most direct relationship with suppliers who are, at the same time, partners of our products and services of excellence.
These teams are responsible for the individual and personalized treatment of each request. Every detail counts and organization is the focal point.


Project Customization

Architects, engineers and product designers are dedicated to the constant development of new concepts but also to the conception of customized projects. The adaptation of our products and services, that is, from dreams to reality.

Design and Communication

Institutional and advertising communication, internal and external, in the form of text, images and sounds, produced by a creative team. Here take place all content production for the Group, companies and brands.


Service | Commercial Teams

In direct contact with our end customer, these teams represent our image. The hospitality combined with the strong technical knowledge of all our products allow us to treat all our customers with excellence.

Customer-service | Technical teams | Invoicing

Responsible for monitoring and executing all processes, these are the teams that remain connected to each customer after purchase, and for years to come. By e-mail, telephone, or in person, full support is provided so that clients can always continue to enjoy our products and services.



Thanks to the work of our teams, our products and brands are present in more than 60 countries around the world. Responsible for managing international customers, they are masters in language and all technical issues of our products. In addition to their qualities, friendliness and professionalism, we have crossed more and more borders.


Steelprime | Linov | Fabistone

Each production area has its specialized and highly competent technical team, which prepares and executes each project with the greatest precision and professionalism.
With the support of the latest technology, they are composed of versatile teams with great ability to meet deadlines.

Do you want to join our team?

We are constantly growing and looking for professionals who identify with our jobs, our departments and our values.


For more information, contact us. We are available to assist you in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.