Dedicated to development, production and sale of public and private swimming pools, components and accessories in stainless steel, as well as paving, cladding, copping borders
and walls, these are some of RPI Group’s brands.

Soleo is a RP Industries brand of kit pools, of high resistance and durability, which allows a quick installation.

Soleo pools combines steel panels’ strength, concrete’s elasticity and liner’s watertightness.

Between Skimmer, Overflow, Mirroir and Infinity ranges, the customization possibilities are endless.

Present in more than 60 countries, the Soleo brand is a reference all over the world.

Dynamic Panelpool is a brand of functional pools, with easy, quick installation and strong resistance, especially designed for competition structures.

It is a brand that produces medium and large swimming pools, aimed at public structures or mass use, specifically indicated for the professional practice of water sports.

The efficiency and speed of implementation of Dynamic Panelpool pools are due to their innovative technology of steel panels, the most economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Buried, semi-buried or at surface, Naturalis pools have the appearance of wood and the strength of concrete.

This is a brand of ecological pools, supplied in a kit, which combines ease of assembly, aesthetic beauty, and high durability.

Fast and economical, it is a good option for those looking for an installation solution in small spaces, flat terrain, or where it is not possible to excavate.

A patented brand meaning a lost formwork block system technology applied to construction of concrete swimming pools.

With its ‘Open & Close’ system, it allows a double joint movement, opening and closing at a 90-degree angle, until reaching a ‘Z-shaped position. This system comes to revolutionize and compresses the space needed for storage and transport.

Designed with high environmental protection criteria, it is 100% recyclable.

In addition to unparalleled comfort and safety, energy efficiency, and longevity, it allows for the abandonment of heavy materials, offering effective thermal and acoustic insulation, and high energy performance and user comfort.

This is a system that is already applied in civil construction, completely breaking with conventional formwork techniques.

Steel brand developed by RP Industries, used for construction of kit pools.

SteelPrime and PrimaSteel steels combine characteristics that make them stand out for the production of pools’ best kits:

  • Corrosion resistance – up to 10 times stronger compared to traditional steels;
  • Galvanization with exclusive Magnelis protection;
  • Coated on both sides in a continuous high-temperature immersion process;
  • Based on a composition of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium;
  • The only steel with self-healing power;
  • High resistance in aggressive environments in presence of chlorides and ammonia;
  • The only one certified for C5 environments.

In addition, PRIMASTEEL steel has additional organic PVC protection on both sides and is laboratory-tested and certified (LNEG).

Sunkit is a brand of steel kit pools, dedicated to the international online market, with high resistance and durability, which allows for a quick installation,

It is a modular system of galvanized steel panels that allows the creation of all types of pools of superior quality, offering a better alternative to traditional concrete structures and prefabricated fiber pools.

It combines the strength of steel panels and the strength of concrete with the elasticity and water tightness of liner, resulting in a much stronger, more economical, more environmentally friendly pool, easy and quick to install.

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Fabistone and Muralis are brands specialized in goods for construction and decoration, in reconstituted natural stone.

From paving and cladding to copping borders and walls, for interiors and exteriors.

Its wide range of products allows perfect constructive solutions for gardens, swimming pools, patios, and terraces. But also interior finishes with maximum elegance and quality.

Fabistone and Muralis products stand out for their resistance and aesthetic quality, for their design and comfort, and, even more, for the high degree of safety that non-slip floors provide.


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