RPI Academy

9 de Abril, 2024 Group RPI

Another year focusing on training our professional clients, partners and international clients.

This initiative to train and empower our customers so that they themselves become experts about the product and all our solutions has been carried out for several years, the RPI Academy concept as we know it, began in 2019.

This year, the RPI Academy took place on the 18th to 22nd and 28th to 29th of March, with 3 classes grouped by different languages ​​(PT-ES, EN, FR), and the focus was to create a training area with permanent exhibition and examples of all our solutions.

We received 27 participants from 6 countries to whom, in addition to training, we provided an opportunity to get to know our internacional team, in a closer and more personal way, thus fostering a relationship of greater trust and proximity.

With this initiatives we create and reinforce partnerships, so we can consider thatthis training program was once again a success.

To your knowledge, two new dates have already been defined for RPI Academy training, in October 2024 and mid-January 2025.

For those interested, we leave a pre-registration link for our upcoming training courses.


For more information, contact us. We are available to assist you in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.