New concepts, more growth

3 de Abril, 2024 Group RPI

It was from the universe of pools that the RPI Group started it’s journey of growth in the national and international market.
The greatest commitment has been with excellence, innovation and the endless search for opportunities that create value for all our stakeholders.

As part of our strategy of continuous growth and evolution, we want to show our vision, increasingly focused and determined on leading new markets, along with the diversification of our services, restructuring a few concepts and introducing Group RPI’s new brands.

The main pool brand on steel structure for private pools, Soleo.
We maintain concrete pools through a “safe deposit box” system, with our brand Inoblock. The Naturalis wood-looking concrete kits and Sunkit on steel, both with the DIY concept. To be revealed, the Soleo Unique, on a single and pioneer idea.

In a completely customized perspective we have the Soleo Taylor-Made, that counts with a team of architects, engineers and technicians fully specialized and dedicated on making your dreams come true.

Previously named Dynamic Panelpool, our new brand Soleo Pro takes place on the market specialized on public swimming pools.

Supplementary on swimming pool’s services company, Fabistone distinguishes itself on the production of coping stones that quickly expanded the range of its products, including pavements, walls and cladding. Muralis stands out as a cladding design brand.

The most recent Group RPI’s bet emerges on a peculiar market, still associated with high quality and exclusivity.
Gastronomy, hotel and wines gathered on a single space, the RPI Business Center, where are displayed exclusive brands, the Palatial Restaurant & Suites and Amistad Wine.

More than e Group of brands and companies, we are a boosting force of progress and transformation, present on the markets with the highest quality.
Close to completing 3 decades of existence, the RPI Group presents itself with even higher excellence and each time closer to you.


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