Swimming pool market’s tailor-made solutions

9 de Novembro, 2022 Group RPI

RPI Group presents a new communication concept based on one of its greatest qualities and highlights:

the customization.

Over the years, RPI Group has stood out in the world of swimming pools, both for its commitment to the best raw materials, and for its highly specialized and dedicated team.

Alongside the evolution of its production areas, its creative departments also evolved, allowing it to respond to more complex and increasingly personalized projects.

At RPI Group, we develop products that allow countless combinations, from the simplest to the most complex, be it in terms of dimensions, shapes, accessories, etc.

It is in this sense that we present the “tailor made solution”,

a concept that expresses this responsiveness and customization capacity of each project.

Ready for the future?

Send us your idea, your drawings, we will develop your solution and bring your project to life.


For more information, contact us. We are available to assist you in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.