CATALOG 2023/2024

8 de Novembro, 2022 Group RPI

RPI Group presents its new product catalog 2023/2024.

The launch will be in the Piscine Global Europe 2022 face to face event, starting on the 15th of November.

A catalog that is presented again in a biannual format and with a greater focus on the digital version.

Here you will be able to consult all the products of the various ranges and brands of the RPI Group, as well as the new releases, through a faster, easier and more intuitive consultation format.

Thanks to the technological development that we are witnessing, our commitment to new digital platforms and in the optimization of all processes, we have realized that the paper format has less and less expression.

In addition to its versatility, the digital version allows for a drastic reduction in paper consumption, demonstrating the RPI Group growing concerns with the consumption of natural resources and their impact on the environment.

A redução no consumo de papel tem um impacto bastante considerável na pegada de carbono da nossa empresa, reduzindo não só o abate de árvores, mas também o consumo de combustíveis fósseis, compostos químicos e uso de energia para impressão e afins.

Paper usage has grown by over 400% worldwide in the last 40 years, and the consequence of this is the massive felling of trees causing a huge reduction in forest areas, which is a major threat to our planet.

We know that trees are essential for the full functioning of our ecosystem, through the absorption of CO2 and the production of oxygen. In addition to this, the paper manufacturing process is one of the most polluting there is: Producing one ton of paper emits more than 1.5 tons of CO2. That is, using it less will help reduce the amount of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

It also reduces the burning of fuel, which emits polluting gases in the atmosphere, associated with the transport and distribution of paper.

Thus, the digital version brings us many benefits, both as a company, as users and, above all, as living beings that inhabit this same planet.


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