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1 de Novembro, 2022 Group RPI

It is because of RPI Group’s constant search for innovation that this month we are highlighting our projects area.

Until the middle of this year, for each project developed, a descriptive plan of the entire structure and its components was sent in 2D, with the intention to assist in the assembly of the described equipment.

In the search for a solution that would allow a more intuitive reading, but also allow the optimization of the relationship between quality, production time and understanding, a new 3D layout was born.

This new 3D layout allows for the sharing of greater detail, greater accuracy and quality in the information provided and, thus, an easier understanding.
From the development of each customized project, its production and installation, the process becomes even more efficient, both in terms of time and effort to carry it out.

With a very positive feedback, and results that have made us even more proud, we leave here this creative department, dedicated to the development of personalized projects, to present this innovation.


For more information, contact us. We are available to assist you in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.