The Future Starts Here

On October 3rd and 4th, the RPI Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event especially dedicated to the industry’s biggest news – The Future Starts Here.

With over 60 companies from more than 30 different nationalities present, over 3 hundred people witnessed the launch of Blumis.

RPI Group takes the opportunity of the 25th anniversary celebration to present a real journey into the future, where solutions and novelties were presented as an exhibition, technical training and demo. It was been part of the event a moment of debate and reflection about what it will be expected to the future, by everyone present, at the swimming poll business.

In the moments of conviviality, it was included a tour between the cities of Braga and Guimarães, as well as the discovery of Portuguese and Minho gastronomy.

Mario Daniel’s magic has roused the audience for the real magic that was about to be reveled, at first hand and exclusively, to our biggest partners and costumers – The Blumis.

The Blue Magic Information System – BLUMIS – is the RPI branded application, developed in partenership with Alentapp, which revolutionizes the management and salles at the swimiing pool business.

With the optimization of communication, process management, production, delivery and maintenance schedules, Blumis also has the augmented reality capability to make choosing a pool and all its components even more realistic and easy.

This event ended with a gala dinner, where the international band music has made a beautiful and elegant party to celebrate the 25 years but also as the future that promises to be magical.

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