Thank You for visiting us

Thank you for visiting us at the 2018 Pool&Spa Show in Atlanta – USA

Thank you for the visit!

Our stay in the Atlantic City could not have gone better. And the beginning of a new year, which is expected to be full of successes and increase in the reputation of our brands, could not have started in the best way.

RP Industries’ participation in international fairs is in line with Group RPI’s international growth strategy. In this way, we managed to bring to the knowledge of North Americans our constructive solutions and all our knowledge as one of the leading European companies in this sector. We have established partnerships and brought many other opportunities as well. With our presence at the 2018 Pool&Spa Show, we have achieved a greater focus and a great desire to return to that part of the world.

Pool&Spa Show Pool&Spa Show Pool&Spa Show

These were intense and truly rewarding days. Thank you!