RPI Group at Piscina&Wellness Barcelona 2019

Since today, until October  18th, RPI Group is present at the Piscina&Wellness, in Barcelona.

It is an excellent opportunity to enhance our international relations in the swimming pool, wellness, and sports sector as well as in the recreational facilities sectors.

Group RPI will, once again, be present at this event – Stand 412, Hall P2, Level 0, Street D of Gran Via Venue – where visitors will have the opportunity to discover all our swimming pools solutions as well as all the news and technological developments.

Our team from RP Industries, Fabistone and Linov will be more than glad to show you our latest solutions and products and will answer any of your questions concerning them.

The Future Starts Here

On October 3rd and 4th, the RPI Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event especially dedicated to the industry’s biggest news – The Future Starts Here.

With over 60 companies from more than 30 different nationalities present, over 3 hundred people witnessed the launch of Blumis.

RPI Group takes the opportunity of the 25th anniversary celebration to present a real journey into the future, where solutions and novelties were presented as an exhibition, technical training and demo. It was been part of the event a moment of debate and reflection about what it will be expected to the future, by everyone present, at the swimming poll business.

In the moments of conviviality, it was included a tour between the cities of Braga and Guimarães, as well as the discovery of Portuguese and Minho gastronomy.

Mario Daniel’s magic has roused the audience for the real magic that was about to be reveled, at first hand and exclusively, to our biggest partners and costumers – The Blumis.

The Blue Magic Information System – BLUMIS – is the RPI branded application, developed in partenership with Alentapp, which revolutionizes the management and salles at the swimiing pool business.

With the optimization of communication, process management, production, delivery and maintenance schedules, Blumis also has the augmented reality capability to make choosing a pool and all its components even more realistic and easy.

This event ended with a gala dinner, where the international band music has made a beautiful and elegant party to celebrate the 25 years but also as the future that promises to be magical.

To know more about the event – The Future Starts Here – please, follow the link:

RP Industrices wagers on certification process

Given the strategic growth and positioning goals of RP Industries, its imperative to be efficient at the organizational, procedural and technological level.

As such, and with the perspective of achieving greater organizational, procedural and technological efficiency, RPI Industries decided to focus on the certification process.

Since internal requirements of rigor and cost control,

From internal requirements of rigor and cost control, which require constant dynamics of optimization, improvement and innovation, but also by constant growth, we realize how fundamental is the frequent technological update, the improvement of human capital and the construction of robust processes.

With the focus on achieving an organization of excellence, impacting on several dimensions of results, the goal was also stimulated the creativity and delivery of all those involved.

From this process, we have been able to build and solidify an optimized and sustainable operational management, identifying the risks and opportunities, and updating the performance indicators.

RP Industries is a company with more than 20 years of experience and specialized in the design, production and commercialization of integrated swimming pool solutions.

Since its foundation, it has favored a culture based on rigor, guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders, and seeking leadership for quality and innovation in the most demanding markets.

RP Industries SA is awarded

It is with great satisfaction that RP Industries SA is, once again, awarded by the status of PME Excelência 2018*.

By the superior socio-economic achivement, where growth, inovation and internacionalization strategies allow to RP Industries to present high levels of performance and financial stability.

The whole team felt gratifed by this award that proves all the daily effort, but also the stability and ability of RP Industries

RP Industries have became a part of a set of companies that are responsible for more than 86,600 jobs, more then 10 billion euros of business volume, of which 24% is a result of exportation. And also, they present a financial autonomy, profitability levels of own capital, investment and sales above the average of PME Lider 2018**.

*(status of excellence assign to small and medium portuguese companies)

**(status of leadership assign to small and medium portuguese companies, this status is below PME Excelência).

RPI Academy’s training actions are already a sucess

Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Australia and France. It was with clients from this 5 countries that the RPI Group closed, last april, another cycle of RPI Academy’s trainings. Applying the know-how that RP Industries acquired over 25 years of experience, this Academy was created with the purpose of forming and informing the company’s clients, preparing them for a market that is in full growth.

This training actions have been happened throughout the last months, at the head office of the RPI Group, with clients that came from all over the world. In addition to the trainees that finished their cycle, some Cape Verdian, Spanish, Italian, Chilean and German clients were also in the RPI Academy since January, reinforcing the Group’s presence all over the globe.

António de Lima, CEO of the RPI Group, is very satisfied with the results already obtained and shows a special thanks to all the trainees, who have been demonstrate their loyalty and preference for the Group every single day.

Since this training actions have been so well succeded, the RPI Group is already working on its upcoming training actions, which are going to start in the next October. The registrations will be shared in good time on the social media of the RPI Group, also you can have more information through the email