Swimming pool kits

A simple, strong and quick construction

Panel reinforcement

STEELPRIME Steel panel

Liner 75/100 coating


The swimming pool kits Ssoleo construction technique combines the resistance of steel to the strenght of concrete and the flexibility of liner. Installing a RP Industries swimming-pool is a quick procedure (between 4 and 8 days).

RP Industries steel SteelPrime offers an unmatchable resistance to corrosion caused by rust. Our exclusive anti-corrosion treatment makes it unique worldwide. All this excellency and experience allow us to guarantee our steel for 30 years (real guarantee).

Soleo Technique:

 A few years ago, building a swimming-pool meant you were about to face a very large amount of work and a lot of headaches. Fortunately construction techniques evolved over the last decade. That means nowadays your dream of owning a pool is closer, in a quick, unexpensive and less complicated way. We are facing a revolution in this industry. All over the world traditional pools are being replaced by the swimming pool kits.

Soleo Catalog

An established trend in our country, ventures allow RP Industries to be successful in a market where only the best can make it. Our technical and human capacity allowed us to install hundreds of pools in residences inserted in the best private condominiums.

SOLEO Gallery

See the swimming pool kits Soleo performed worldwide.