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Soleo equipments

A complet range of equipaments for swimming pools


In RP Industries you will find a large variety of swimming pool equipment and solutions that perfectly fits your needs.

Automatic Disinfection

With automatic and electronic systems all tasks related to cleaning a swimming pool are easier than ever. Totally autonomous, they permanently control and disinfect the water from your swimming pool.


One of the most important parts of using a swimming pool is the water temperature. Its heating is indispensable for a warm and comfortable dive RP Industries presents alternative and unexpensive methods. Using the latest technology, they are easily recognized by its reliability and its very low noise level.


RP Industries puts at your disposal a variety of accessories and pool equipment that will help you keeping your swimming pool always clean, in a very easy and comfortable way.

New Skimmer

With an inovative design and an excellency finishing (AIS 316 stainless steel), the Newskimmer was exclusively developed by RP Industries to be applied in all swimming pool types (liner, concrete, acrylic, and other). Equipped with a lateral outlet to allow the connection with a level regulator, the Newskimmer provides a high reliability functioning.

New Skimfiltre

An ecological pool equipment, modern and efficient filtration.
Eco-friendly filtration system (does not dispose in nature the water containing chemicals). Lowers maintenance costs, avoids excessive use of chemicals and water wasting.

Automatic Covers

High quality pool equipment, the Venetian cover allies comfort, aesthetics, security and economy on the handling of your pool. Customized, it must be projected (planned) at the same time as the pool. Ideal for greater protection against accidents.

Telescopic Cover

Providing long-term use throughout the year, telescopic cover offers high security safeguarding, mainly protecting children from possible accidents. The economy in maintenance is a major advantage in purchasing a telescopic cover. The reduced exposure to environment elements and the lack of debris helps reducing maintenance costs.


Many centuries ago man discovered the benefits of hot water. Way before the modern Whirlpools he knew and enjoyed the calming effect of water flowing from thermal springs. The technology of all Spas available on RP Industries offers specific therapeutic advantages.

The advanced reverse molding technique allows you to use the jets for directing the hot water to specific parts of your body. The proper treatment of those areas can relieve or even remove pain.