The SOLEO OVERFLOW swimming pool technology (steel + concrete + liner) allows the elimination of problems usually associated with the traditional concrete techniques; avoiding periodic maintenance and repairs, reducing high costs and durability. The structure SOLEO can be flexible, anti-seismic technology, and prepared to withstand without damages seismic activity, natural land compaction and range of temperature.

The concept OVERFLOW swimming pool, besides ensuring durability and reliability of excellence, provides a pool with a rare aesthetic beauty. The way the water mirror is presented will reflect the beauty of the environment that surrounds the pool.

The finishes of the gutter in granite, marble, stainless steel, natural stone or reconstituted, will be the final touch to highlight the beauty of a Overflow swimming pool breaking all the difficulties inherent in the traditional building techniques. The possibility of coating with liner 75/100 or 150/100 provides a perfect waterproofing; actually it’s the best swimming pool finishing system. Resistant to UV rays, to time aggressions and chlorinated water; offers a large range of colors and patterns. This is one of the many reasons that architects use this constructive technology for their projects.