Inoblock pools

100% concrete swimming pool with doble insulation


INOBLOCK structure

Liner 75/100 coating

100% concrete swimming pool with doble insulation

With the Inoblock concrete swimming pools concept, it is possible to build quickly and easily.

With the Inoblock system, there is a total breach of traditional scaffolding techniques. All the operations are performed simpler, easier and faster. It is an innovative construction process, which begins with the task of placing the blocks over the pre-installed metal reinforcing rods. Afterwards, it is necessary to pour the concrete into the blocks in order to obtain a robust wall.

Inoblock Technique

Special Scaffolding Block for swimming pool PSE Polystyrene Block with High Density.

Erect the dry blocks by interlocking them over the pre-installed metal reinforced rods.
To make a strong wall, fill the blocks with 350 kg/m3 concrete.

Inoblock Catalog

Inoblock concrete swimming poolsis truly an innovative technique. It is creating a revolution in the construction industry. It allows the completion of constructions in a very short time and with an ease superior to all conventional techniques. The multiplicity of applications is surprising! With Inoblock, it is possible to carry out all type of construction, from a simple wall to complex structures, always extremely robust.

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