RPI Academy’s training actions are already a sucess

Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Australia and France. It was with clients from this 5 countries that the RPI Group closed, last april, another cycle of RPI Academy’s trainings. Applying the know-how that RP Industries acquired over 25 years of experience, this Academy was created with the purpose of forming and informing the company’s clients, preparing them for a market that is in full growth.

This training actions have been happened throughout the last months, at the head office of the RPI Group, with clients that came from all over the world. In addition to the trainees that finished their cycle, some Cape Verdian, Spanish, Italian, Chilean and German clients were also in the RPI Academy since January, reinforcing the Group’s presence all over the globe.

António de Lima, CEO of the RPI Group, is very satisfied with the results already obtained and shows a special thanks to all the trainees, who have been demonstrate their loyalty and preference for the Group every single day.

Since this training actions have been so well succeded, the RPI Group is already working on its upcoming training actions, which are going to start in the next October. The registrations will be shared in good time on the social media of the RPI Group, also you can have more information through the email info@grouprpi.com.