RP Industrices wagers on certification process

Given the strategic growth and positioning goals of RP Industries, its imperative to be efficient at the organizational, procedural and technological level.

As such, and with the perspective of achieving greater organizational, procedural and technological efficiency, RPI Industries decided to focus on the certification process.

Since internal requirements of rigor and cost control,

From internal requirements of rigor and cost control, which require constant dynamics of optimization, improvement and innovation, but also by constant growth, we realize how fundamental is the frequent technological update, the improvement of human capital and the construction of robust processes.

With the focus on achieving an organization of excellence, impacting on several dimensions of results, the goal was also stimulated the creativity and delivery of all those involved.

From this process, we have been able to build and solidify an optimized and sustainable operational management, identifying the risks and opportunities, and updating the performance indicators.

RP Industries is a company with more than 20 years of experience and specialized in the design, production and commercialization of integrated swimming pool solutions.

Since its foundation, it has favored a culture based on rigor, guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders, and seeking leadership for quality and innovation in the most demanding markets.