Opening of Celorico de Basto’s public swimming pools (Portugal)

Last 19th of July 2015 portuguese county Celorico de Basto’s conducted the new public swimming pools opening ceremony.



The ceremony was attend+ed by the State Secretary of Sports, in the presence of the local community Mayor of Celorico de Basto. The opening ceremony started at 15h00 and it was possible to introduce to the public a new infrastructure which will contribute to the quality of life for the population and visitors of Celorico de Basto.

Located beside “Ribeira de Bosques”, RP Industries was responsible for the installation of the outdoor swimming pool which was installed with the most recent technology used in swimming pools construction.

Using the innovative and exclusive DYNAMIC PANEL POOL system by RPI, the construction of the new municipal swimming pools is an important reference for sports infrastructures used in the practice of swimming competition and for public use.

In this matter, and as said Joaquim Mota e Silva, Mayor of the Celorico de Basto community, this is an important step for the county and it’s the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream. “Working with sport, culture is betting in something fundamental, it’s a district orientated to the tourism, to the population, to visitors and to tourists. It’s my firm belief that this is a very important step forward for the district”.

This is another RP Industries accomplishment which is contributing to the qualitative enhancement of the company’s long portfolio on the national and international matter.

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