For public health reasons and taking into account the recommendations of the DGS, the RPI Group advises its employees, customers, suppliers and the general public to take some preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

Avoid physical contact;

Wash your hands frequently with soap and disinfect them;

Avoid clusters and maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters.

To all our customers and suppliers we ask to give priority to telephone or e-mail contact, thus avoiding travel to our company.

In case of unavoidable displacement, it is necessary to request prior authorization where visiting procedures will be communicated in order to avoid any possible spread.

Innovation – Vision – Strategy

Everyone in our group has as their principle to put customers’ interests above any private interest,
serving them every day with the same endeavor, enthusiasm and dedication on day one.

RP Industries

Swimming pools & Equipments

Specialized in production and development of techniques for swimming pools construction, RP Industries holds truly innovative and patented solutions that have revolutionized this market.


Pavements,& Copings

Specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of reconstituted natural stone, pavements, wall coverings and copings for swimming pools, it is equipped with an automated manufacturing line.


Liners & Covers

Internationally recognized for its quality manufacturing, Linov exports more than 80% of its production and is proud to be a rare company capable of manufacturing the liners more complex.

Steel Prime

Strucutures & Equipments

Especially suited for the manufacture of structures for private and public swimming pools, the SteelPrime offers a set of solutions in the development and production of stainless steel, pool covers, among other equipment.


Manufacturer of swimming pools, equipments,
liners and covers,
stainless steel products,
pavements and copings.

Swimming pool major projects

With the strength and size built up over the years, the Group RPI is now the first choice for Resorts and Luxury projects.

Production Units

To service our customers and create added value by offering products and services at the best possible prices.